Comprehensive Mobile Commerce Solution

that guarantees a head start for your business

  • Multiple Platform

    Unbound your eCommerce reach on Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart and more with VDart Kart through its multi-platform support.

  • Cloud Connect

    Cloudify your ecommerce mobile app and get focused on everything else apart from hosting. Scalability, security, efficiency and affordability guaranteed.

  • ROI Focussed

    Customer-centric promotional mechanisms, UI / UX design and push notifications ensure that the mobile ecommerce app fetches the highest ROI.

  • Hyper Flexible

    VDart Kart is 100% customizable. Technical integrations, functional changes and design enhancements can be done to meet for any specific business needs.

Customer-Centric Mobile eCommerce App Features

that delight at every stage of a customer journey

Getting Started

Impress customers right from the flash screen. Your mobile commerce app will have everything that's required for customers to get started in a flash.

  • Social Login

    Allow users to login through their Facebook and Twitter accounts

  • Guest Login

    Users can skip the signing up process and checkout as guests

  • Advanced Search

    Smart keyword-based search bar to find products in a flash

  • Product Slider

    Flaunt new arrivals, offers and more to woo customers right away

  • Store Locator

    Shoppers can find the nearest physical store locations via the app

Shopping Experience

Build mobile ecommerce app that has features loaded to delight all kinds of shoppers - Shopaholics, choosy ones, loyal buyers and more.

  • Push Notifications

    Be prompt in conveying users about offers, new arrivals, deals etc

  • Loyalty Schemes

    Keep customers coming back by rewarding them with loyalty schemes

  • Buddy Talk

    Facilitate real-time chat for the choosy ones to discuss and buy

  • Wishlists

    Allow users to save products on 'Wishlists' for a later purchase

  • Multiple Promotion Mechanisms

    For ROI improvement, user engagement and customer retention

Checkout Conveniences

Checkout experience can make or break a business. With VDart Kart, you can be sure of having all sorts of checkout sophistications in place.

  • One-Step Checkout

    A single integrated page for faster checkout experience

  • Multiple Currencies & Languages

    Speak a user's native language & transact in their convenient currency

  • Automated Order Notifications

    Notify orders booked in real-time to your customers

  • PCI Compliance

    Fortify confidential payment information of users with PCI Compliance

  • COD Support

    Provide the flexibility to choose offline payment over online transactions

Management Made Easy

A full-fledged web backend will serve as the central hub to manage operations across mobile app and online store.

  • Product Sync

    Sync products from your eCommerce store to mobile sales app

  • Unlimited Listing

    With cloud support, you can scale to any extent without a pause

  • Inventory

    Manage stock levels through web backend and order proactively

  • Orders

    Get notifications for orders won through mobile app on web backend

  • Google Analytics

    Insights to analyze what's good, bad & where to improve

  • Multiple Stores

    Manage apps of one or many stores through a single web interface

Build Your App in the Ecommerce Platform of Your Choice

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