VDart ChatEngine has Everything You Need to

Build an instant messaging app for diverse environments on multiple platforms

  • Enterprise Chat

    Unified chat solution for online teams with HD audio, video, document sharing, screen sharing and multi-devices support.

  • Personal Chat

    Custom-built personal chat apps with rich UX, emoji integration, multilingual support, multimedia sharing and much more.

  • Social Chat

    Rich looking and user-engaging social chat apps with real-time chat abilities for community collaboration.

  • In-App Messaging

    Create an instant connect with customers through in-app communication for customer support and other utilities.

A Full-Featured Real-Time IM Solution

For better communication across all devices and OS

Hyper-time Communication

Always be reachable on instant chat, voice message or video call with a team chat app built for hyper-time communication.

  • Voice Messaging

    Speak out what's on your mind and send it in a flash

  • Video Calling

    If voice calls aren't just enough, go for a video call right away

  • Push Notifications

    Stay tuned to updates of all sorts with push notifications

  • Online Presence Indicators

    Know who's on, off and for how long with presence indicators

  • Location Sharing

    Broadcast your current location to inform or for easy navigation

  • Offline Messaging

    Make sure you have conveyed the message no matter what


Be faster than competition with an instant communication app for better collaboration with peers, customers, vendors & everybody else.

  • Group Chat

    Collaborate, brainstorm and discuss over anything

  • Social Integration

    Connect to your messaging app through social logins

  • Sync and Store

    Connect through multiple devices and continue from anywhere.

  • Screen Sharing

    Share screens on video calls to instruct, inform or showcase


Reduce clutter, save time and get more things done in less time with purpose-built organization capabilities.

  • Fully Searchable

    Retrieve any crucial information or memory from chat logs

  • File Sharing

    Share images, audio files, videos and docs with ease

  • Lightweight Application

    Works fast as light but goes light on your system

  • Chat History Archival

    Find the best of your chat memories from archived data


There is always room for one more member. Never run out of space for storage. Add, store and retrieve as much as you want.

  • Unlimited Member Capacity

    Keep on growing on your group's user base without limits

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage for Media

    The cloud does the job of scaling for you without no set limitations

  • Centralized Administration

    Have control over users, groups, access permission and security

  • All-network Compatible

    Experience performance in accordance to connectivity strength


Heightened security features to lower security risks, negate vulnerabilities and to maintain privacy for your conversations.

  • HMAC Authentication

    HMAC encryption for data integrity and message authentication

  • End to End Encryption

    Immunize your messages and information exchanged from hack threats

  • Auto Delete of Messages

    Ensure confidentiality of the messages sent with self destructive messages

  • Two-Step Verification

    Authentify users both online and offline with 2-step verification


Handpicked technologies customized for uncompromising performance

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