Video Streaming Solutions for Every Industry

Capture, Engage & Earn Revenue with our VOD Platform

  • Corporate

    Bond a new employee-connect
    with video assets.

  • Conferences

    Live video streaming powered borderless collaboration.

  • Worship Agencies

    Optimized video tools for scheduled content broadcasts.

  • TV & Radio

    Real-time content deliveries across multi-media mediums.

  • Sports

    Live streaming happenings straight from event venues.

  • Government

    Forge a renewed citizen relationship with video broadcasts.

  • Education

    Video content delivery for learning & engagement.

  • Music

    Social media integrated music streaming on-demand.

An Online Video Management
Solution That Does It All

VDart Prism's video management features augment video discovery, syndication and monetization. At operational level, it takes care of video hosting, OTT TV broadcasts, live streaming support and monetization opportunities.


Features for Enterprises Owning Video-Banks

VDart Prism's features cover everything from video streaming to hosting.

  • Video Platform

    Simple yet sophisticated video on demand software that unlocks the potential of your video through live or on demand streaming, video playlists, pay per view and several other models.

  • Video Content Management

    Create, categorize and manage on-demand videos on a cloud infrastructure with extensive features for automatic transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, optimal playback, etc.

  • Video Delivery

    Deliver HD clarity videos of any size to anywhere without being affected by bandwidth constraints or content compatibility issues using VDart Prism.

  • Video Distribution & Syndication

    VOD platform with intelligent features to manage and coordinate video syndication partnerships that generate maximum viewership.

Multiple Avenues for Video Monetization

Maximize the revenue earning capacity of your video assets through multiple video delivery models

  • Subscription (SVOD)

    Manage personalized subscription model video deliveries to customers easily and accurately with in-built controls and payment integrations.

  • Transactional (TVOD)

    Electronic Sell Through or Download to Rent; explore the dual possibilities of TVOD to turn your video assets into revenue centres.

  • Ad Supported (AVOD)

    Make the most of your video traffic by streaming videos injected with time-based adverts that play pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll.

  • Pay-Per-View Videos (PPV)

    Monetize video assets using a pay-per-view model with in-built payment integration, preset expiry period, maximum allowed usage, etc.

Security Measures for Prevention & Protection

Immunize your online video assets from piracy or redistribution risk with proven security measures

  • Access Control

    Perimeter defenses that prevent unauthorized users from logging in or viewing video assets defined for subscription model users.

  • Encryption

    VDart Prism secures your videos with HLSe, AES and other rock-solid video encryption techniques that prevent unauthorized access, viewing or redistribution of video content.

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)

    Standards-based DRM licenses for TV, desktops and mobiles that protect your video assets from redistribution without prior consent.

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